The Goal Of The Wise

Rarely do we come across a book so revolutionary that it bestows upon us an entirely fresh outlook on life, supported by meticulously cited sources.


The First Covenant with Adam (PBUH)

In the First Door of The Goal of The Wise, The Qaim of the Family of Mohammed weaves together evidence from diverse religious scriptures, and explains the relationship between God and mankind through a single word: Covenant.
Uncover the origins of Adam and Eve, delve into the mysteries of Satan’s connection to humanity, and discover the two separate bloodlines of the children of Adam and the children of Satan. This enlightening journey unveils the profound wisdom found within various religious texts, providing a unified understanding of our shared heritage.

The Second Covenant with Noah (PBUH)

In the Second Door of The Goal of The Wise, the reader is taken on a journey, uncovering the mysteries surrounding a momentous event in the history of mankind: Noah’s flood.

The Goal of The Wise is a book filled with truth, and as a gospel, provides clarity and gives answers to questions that orthodox religion has not been able to satisfactorily answer till today.
Aba Al-Sadiq (From him is Peace) has explained the great mysteries surrounding the historical event of the Great Flood of Noah, that shaped the future of mankind.

Explore the reasons for the survival of the children of Cain, who managed to prosper on Earth even after being wiped out by the flood. Delve into the profound meanings concealed within euphemisms found in religious texts, uncovering hidden layers of wisdom. Discover the significance of the Second Covenant, the jurisprudential changes, and its far-reaching implications, through the Divine Knowledge of the Qa’im of the Family of Mohammed, Aba Al-Sadiq.

The Third Covenant With Abraham (PBUH)

Within the fiery depths of ancient history, the True Story of Prophet Abraham pbuh unfolds. Abraham pbuh, seeks to secure a covenant for his offspring, hoping to bestow upon them divine protection and blessings. But the voice of God echoes. ‘My covenant, is not extended to the wrongdoers.’

Delve into Abraham’s profound covenant, which forms the cornerstone of the Abrahamic faiths. Witness the epic struggle between right and wrong, embodied in the contrasting personas of Abraham and Nimrod.

Delve into the deep significance of Abraham’s third covenant, symbolized by the act of circumcision. Uncover the hidden layers of meaning embedded within this ancient ritual.

Discover how the children of Adam protected themselves from the children of Cain, and journey through the intricate and complex history of Sodom and Gomorrah, as we navigate the captivating tale of Lot and his family. Explore the moral lessons and timeless wisdom embedded within their story.

The Fourth Covenant With Moses (PBUH)

Journey through the captivating history of the Chosen Nation of God, the Children of Israel. Explore their trials, triumphs, and the unique role they played in the tapestry of humanity.

Dive into the expansive jurisprudence that emerges from the Fourth Covenant, uncovering the intricate system of laws and regulations that shaped the lives of the Children of Israel. Delve into the profound wisdom and moral principles that guided their community, through one of the greatest messengers, Moses (PBUH).

Join us as we step through Door 4, where ancient narratives and profound teachings converge, shedding light on the struggles, triumphs, and jurisprudence of the Children of Israel.

The Fifth Covenant With Jesus (PBUH)

Unlock the enigmatic teachings of Jesus that lie hidden within the verses and euphemisms of the Bible. Embark on a transformative journey as we decode the profound wisdom and messages concealed within the biblical verses.

In this Door, we explore the true history of Jesus and his disciples, delving into the untold stories and deeper meanings behind their experiences. Unravel the intricate teachings and events that shaped their spiritual journey.

Witness the passing of the covenant from the Fourth Covenant with Moses to the Fifth Covenant with Jesus. Gain a deeper understanding of the continuity and evolution of divine wisdom throughout the ages.

Join us as we traverse the threshold of Door 5, where the secret teachings of Jesus await.

The Sixth Covenant with Mohammed (PBUH & His Family)

Step into the realm of the beautiful Sixth Covenant with Mohammed (PBUH And His Family), the first global covenant that illuminates the profound relationship between mankind and the esteemed family of Mohammed (PBUH And His Family), the Ahlulbayt.

Discover the responsibilities and obligations placed upon Muslims to fulfill this covenant, as we delve into the practical teachings of Mohammed. Gain insight into the true meaning of obedience and submission to God, as well as the significance of fulfilling the pledge of allegiance.

Understand the exalted rank of Mohammed, and his pivotal role as the messenger and guide for humanity. Explore the depth of his wisdom and the practical guidance he provided, allowing believers to navigate the complexities of life and strengthen their relationship with the divine.

Join us on this enlightening journey through Door 6, where the beautiful Sixth Covenant awaits. Explore the teachings and insights that offer a pathway to true obedience, submission, and fulfillment of the pledge of allegiance. Prepare to deepen your connection with God and gain a greater understanding of the profound spiritual legacy left by Mohammed and the Ahlulbayt (PBUTA).

The Seventh Covenant with Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace)

Enter Door 7, where the final and eternal Seventh Covenant awaits, transcending all boundaries and connecting humanity through the realm of the soul and the unseen. This covenant, which endures until the end of time, unveils a jurisprudence perfectly suited for the present age while dispelling misunderstandings surrounding previous covenants.

Explore the profound teachings that remove misconceptions and embrace the truth, such as the dispelling of the false notion that wearing the head veil was ever mandatory. Journey into the depths of the law of knowing the vicegerent, understanding the significance of the Kingdom of God on Earth today, and unveiling the position and role of the Qaim or Riser from the Family of Mohammed (PBUTA).

In this enlightening chapter, discover the transformative power of the Soul Covenant, as it dismantles barriers and unites humanity under the common thread of spiritual essence. Embrace the jurisprudence that provides guidance and illumination for the challenges of our time, leading us towards greater understanding, harmony, and compassion.

Join us on this profound exploration through Door 7.

The Celestial Bodies

Step through Door 8 and embark on a celestial journey into the mysteries of the astronomical realm. Discover the profound truths that connect us all through the enchanting wonders of the stars. Delve into the rich tapestry of different religious beliefs and their profound teachings about these celestial bodies, realizing their tangible presence and significance.

Unveil the ancient wisdom and cosmic truths hidden within the narratives of diverse religions.
In this door, we will witness the alignment of various belief systems, as they converge upon the reality of the celestial world.

In this captivating chapter, explore the celestial connections that bind us together, in the mystery of the stars. This Door shows us how the Riser Aba Al-Sadiq has unraveled the secrets embedded within the cosmos, as different faith traditions shed light on their spiritual significance.


Open Door 9 and step into an extraordinary conversation between Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, Aba Al-Sadiq, and Ali Al-Ghoraifi. Prepare to be captivated by this enlightening discourse as Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace) imparts unique pearls of knowledge, delving into the profound topic of reincarnation.

Reincarnation, a truth that has intrigued and resonated across diverse religious traditions, including Islamic teachings, is brought to light in this awe-inspiring chapter. Immerse yourself in the exploration of this timeless concept, gaining deeper insights into its spiritual significance and implications.

Unravel the intricacies and mysteries of reincarnation as the conversation unfolds, as we understand the hidden truths in its place within Islamic traditions. Witness the profound wisdom and teachings that connect humanity to the eternal cycle of life and rebirth, from the grace of Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (From Him is Peace).

the Transmigration of the Soul

Open Door 10 and enter into the realm of profound knowledge and wisdom about the journey of the soul. Explore the captivating concept of reincarnation and the fascinating reality of transmigration, both offering unique insights into the capabilities of the soul.

Delve into the depths of various scriptures as they illuminate the journey of the souls of prophets and messengers. Uncover the profound significance of these spiritual experiences and their impact on the evolution and growth of the soul.

Discover the interesting reality of reincarnation and transmigration, as they shed light on the vast potential of the soul’s journey through different lifetimes and realms. Gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power that lies within these spiritual concepts.

Join us on this enlightening expedition through Door 10, where the wisdom of reincarnation and transmigration awaits. Prepare to unravel the mysteries of the soul’s capabilities and explore the profound teachings found within various scripture.

the Soul Family

Open Door 11 and embark on a profound exploration of the mysterious and unseen realm of the soul. Delve into the depths of knowledge revealed by Aba Al-Sadiq (From him is Peace) surrounding the reality of the soul world and the soul family, illuminating the interconnectedness of righteous souls and their return in various incarnations.

In this transformative chapter, gain insight into the profound teachings that reveal the interconnectedness of souls and their journey through multiple incarnations.

Unveil the hidden truths that can only be revealed by the Riser of the Family of Mohammed (From Him is Peace), as the wisdom of the soul world and its enigmatic nature is unveiled.

the Reality of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

“Door Number 12” is a captivating exploration that delves deep into the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, unraveling the complex web of mysteries that surround this momentous event. Drawing upon the Abrahamic faiths, which encompass Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, this door investigates the remarkable variations in their respective accounts of the crucifixion. Despite the apparent discrepancies and contrasting narratives, the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq shows us that common thread emerges as a compelling endeavor to unearth the essence of what truly transpired during this profound juncture in human history.

Through meticulous analysis of the sacred scriptures, religious texts, and historical records, “Door Number 12” endeavors to uncover the underlying truths and reconcile the differing perspectives.
By investigating the souls’ journey through this pivotal moment in history, this door offers a profound exploration of faith, sacrifice, redemption, and the universal themes that transcend religious boundaries.

Through careful analysis and reflection, “Door Number 12” seeks to go beyond the mere recounting of events, aiming to uncover the deeper significance of the crucifixion for individuals and societies across time. It invites viewers to engage in an enlightening exploration of the human experience, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse narratives surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and that enigmatic personality, his Look-Alike.

the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

In Door number 13, an enlightening exploration of the soul’s remarkable capacities unfolds, unveiling intriguing realities that lie within biblical scripture. By astutely highlighting examples that have remained concealed in plain sight, this thought-provoking work, weaved together by the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) as a captivating tapestry of interconnected links, sheds light on the profound truth behind the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

By carefully examining the teachings and narratives presented in religious texts, the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq uncovers the underlying truths that illuminate the concept of resurrection and its profound significance.

With meticulous attention to detail, this Door uncovers the beautiful connection that exists between the scriptures and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It delves into the intricacies of the biblical accounts, extracting profound insights that resonate across time and faith traditions.

the Nature of Reality

Door number 14 explores the concept of the world’s non-reality as explored in various religions. Through profound conversations between Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace) and Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace), this door uncovers remarkable insights. They discuss the illusory nature of this world and reveal a mind-blowing hidden secret: the elusive location of where this world exists.

This captivating journey challenges conventional perceptions of reality, inviting the reader to contemplate the constructed nature of the world we perceive. The conversations within this door draw upon diverse religious teachings and mystical traditions, highlighting the belief that this world is a transient facade concealing deeper truths.

This door delves into the fascinating question of where this world truly resides. By contemplating metaphysical dimensions and exploring the nature of human experience, the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq offers profound perspectives that stretch the boundaries of conventional understanding. This door encourages introspection and invites the reader to seek deeper truths beyond the veil of illusion.

Light and Darkness

Door Number 15 beckons the reader to explore the profound knowledge surrounding light and darkness, the eternal struggle between good and evil, the enigmatic reality of Iblis or Satan, and the identity of the father of the physical creation. In this captivating journey, the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) serves as your guide, leading you through the transformative conversations he shares with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace).

Within the pages of this remarkable narrative, the veil is lifted, revealing profound insights and hidden truths. The discussions between the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From them is Peace) illuminate the intricate interplay of opposing forces in the cosmic realm, delving into the nature of light, darkness, and the eternal struggle between them. They unravel the mysteries surrounding the embodiment of evil in the form of Iblis or Satan, shedding light on its true essence and role in the human experience.

Moreover, this enlightening journey uncovers the ultimate question of the father of physical creation, exploring the origins and purpose behind the tangible world we inhabit. The conversations between Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Them is Peace) offer profound insights into the source of creation, unveiling a deeper understanding of our existence and the forces that shape it.

the Human Ego

Door Number 16 takes you on a profound exploration of the essence of being. Authored by the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq (From him is Peace), this captivating work delves into fundamental questions: Who are we truly? What components shape our identity?

Within these pages, the intricate interplay of the self, ego, and their various forms is unraveled. Door Number 16 sheds light on the complexities that define us. It also offers guidance on elevating the good self to triumph over inner darkness, empowering readers to cultivate resilience and embrace their inherent potential.

Embark on this transformative journey as the Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) reveals the path to self-discovery, inspiring readers to uncover their true selves and manifest their highest potential.

The Archangels

Door Number 17 offers a captivating glimpse into the mysterious realm of angels. Authored by Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace), the Riser of the family of Mohammed, this narrative takes readers on a transformative journey through conversations with his holy father, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace). Together, they explore the identities and profound roles of various archangels, providing a unique perspective into the celestial realm. Prepare to be captivated by the enlightening wisdom and revelations that unfold within these pages.

the Jinn

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through “Door Number 18: The Jinn.” Within this captivating exploration, readers will be immersed in the mysteries and realities of the unseen realm inhabited by the jinn—an intelligent species occasionally encountered by mankind.

Prepare to be astounded as you uncover intriguing facts about the jinn and their existence. Delve into the origins of Iblis, the archangel Azazel, and learn more about his past. Additionally, discover the intriguing link between the world of jinn and the ancient art of magic, unraveling the profound interplay between these two.

As you turn the pages of “Door Number 18,” prepare to be mystified by the fascinating truths that lie within the hidden world of the jinn. Brace yourself for a captivating exploration that will expand your understanding of the supernatural and the enchanting mysteries that intertwine the jinn, Iblis, and the ancient art of magic.


Step into the profound exploration of the eternal enigma of death with “Door Number 19: Death.” Throughout the annals of human history, countless myths and legends have woven intricate tales around this remarkable transitory phenomenon. But amidst the web of narratives, the quest for truth persists: What lies beyond the veil?

The Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq takes the reader on a journey to decode the mysteries surrounding death. Drawing upon the wisdom of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace), this illuminating work reveals the multifaceted truths and realities that permeate our understanding of this profound phenomenon.

Within these pages, the true nature of death is unraveled, offering a deeper insight into the journey of the soul. By exploring the teachings of different faith traditions and the profound knowledge shared by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, readers are invited to expand their understanding and gain profound enlightenment.
Prepare to be enlightened as Qa’im Aba Al-Sadiq guides you through the multifaceted dimensions of the afterlife, shedding light on the intricacies of the soul’s journey beyond mortality.

Heaven and Hell

“Door Number 20: Heaven and Hell” embarks on a captivating exploration of the realms of the unseen that have long fascinated human beings. Within the depths of this inquiry lies the profound curiosity surrounding the concepts of heaven and hell. What truly awaits us in paradise? Where does hell reside, and who is destined for its depths?

Delve into the essence of paradise as this extraordinary narrative uncovers its reality. Through the enlightening conversations between Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and Aba Al-Sadiq (From them is Peace), the true nature of heaven is unveiled, offering profound insights into its wonders and eternal bliss.

Similarly, the enigmatic nature of hell is illuminated, exploring its location and the destinies of those who find themselves condemned there. By delving into these discussions, readers are granted a deeper understanding of the reality of these realms, challenging preconceived notions and expanding their comprehension of the afterlife.

Most importantly, “Door Number 20” reveals a remarkable conversation between Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and Aba Al-Sadiq (From them is Peace) concerning the salvation of mankind through the sincere works of believers. This extraordinary revelation highlights the profound role that believers play in attaining salvation and enabling God’s Vicegerent to grant mankind salvation as a whole while still on earth.

the Source of Evil

Intrigue deepens as “Door Number 21: The Source of Evil” delves into the enigmatic nature of the source of evil. This captivating door explores the controversial topic that has challenged philosophical and truth-seeking minds throughout history.

Within the pages of this narrative, readers are guided to unravel the essence of evil and its origins, tracing back to the very origin of created beings endowed with free will. The concept of free will itself becomes a focal point of inquiry, woven intricately into the tapestry of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Prepare to embark on a thought-provoking journey, as “Door Number 21” sheds light on the profound nature of evil and its place within the complex fabric of existence. Delve into the exploration of free will, examining its role in shaping the choices and actions that define the eternal battle between good and evil.


“Door Number 22: Karma” takes readers on a captivating journey to unravel the profound concept of Karma and its place within the universe. Discussing the existence of God, the conversations between Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and Aba Al-Sadiq (From them is Peace) offer remarkable insights into understanding Karmic justice and exploring the evidence for the existence of God.

Within the depths of this narrative, ancient Abrahamic writings come to life, illuminating the mysterious and timeless teachings on the interplay between Karma and judgment. As readers traverse these sacred texts, they will discover the significance of Karmic repercussions, as well as the reality of being judged for our actions, in both the present life and the hereafter.

Through profound discussions between the esteemed Imam and Aba Al-Sadiq, readers will gain a deeper understanding of how Karmic principles operate and how they are intertwined with the concepts of judgment and spiritual accountability.

The Reality of Memories

“Door Number 23: The Reality of Memories” invites you on a profound exploration of the soul’s experiences throughout its multiple journeys and incarnations in this world. Delve into the intriguing inquiry: What does the soul truly encounter, and can we remember our past?

Within the pages of this captivating work, the divine knowledge of soul memories is unveiled. Drawing from the experiences of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and Aba Al-Sadiq (From Them is Peace), readers are offered glimpses into various moments in time when memories of their holy incarnations of old resurfaced.

Embark on this transformative journey as you explore the profound concept of soul memories. Engage with the examples shared by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and Aba Al-Sadiq, as they open up about their own experiences of recalling memories from their sacred past incarnations.

Dreams, Thoughts, and Imaginations

“Door Number 24: Dreams, Thoughts, and Imaginations” delves into the intriguing realm of dreams, unraveling their various types and unveiling the profound connection they hold to our lived reality. Dreams occupy a significant place in our understanding of the world we inhabit.

Within the pages of this captivating door, readers are immersed in the world of dreams, exploring their diverse manifestations and their potential insights into our waking existence. The reality of the dream world is unveiled, revealing its profound influence on our perceptions and experiences.

Moreover, this thought-provoking exploration takes readers into a realm of profound possibility: Do all thoughts already exist? The implications of such a notion are fascinating and transformative, raising questions about the nature of consciousness and our place within the fabric of reality.

In this Door, Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) challenges our understanding of the origin and nature of thoughts, presenting a unique perspective that expands our perception of reality.

Alien Life and Extraterrestrials

“Door Number 25: Alien Life and Extraterrestrials” delves into the intriguing presence of alien life forms in religious scriptures. The exploration of this truth takes center stage through the captivating journey of Dhul-Qarnain as portrayed in the Quran. Witness the profound conversation between Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and Aba Al-Sadiq (From Them is Peace) as they delve into the enigmatic aspects surrounding this remarkable voyage.

Within the pages of this door, readers embark on a riveting exploration of different forms of alien life that have interacted with human beings on Earth. The existence of alien-human hybrids and their significance are also examined, shedding light on their unknown presence on earth.

Furthermore, Door Number 25 opens up a thought-provoking discussion on the theory of evolution. Delve into the depths of this controversial topic and gain deeper insights.

Join us on this captivating journey as we uncover the mysteries of alien life.

Maskh and The Wonders of The Animal Kingdom

“Door Number 26: Maskh and The Wonders of The Animal Kingdom” takes readers on a profound exploration of the concept of Maskh, or reincarnation into animals. Authored by the Riser Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace), this captivating work reveals the truth behind the intriguing secrets that lie within the animal kingdom.

Within the pages of this door, readers will uncover the hidden benefits that different animals hold for humankind. The wisdom shared by Aba Al-Sadiq sheds light on the profound interconnection between humans and the animal world, illuminating the valuable contributions and uses that can be derived from animals.

Furthermore, “Door Number 26” delves into the reality of sacrifice in orthodox religion and explores the reasons behind this practice. The intricate dynamics of sacrifice and its spiritual significance are unveiled, inviting readers to contemplate the deeper meanings embedded within religious traditions.

The Incomplete Words

“Door Number 27: The Incomplete Words” delves into a thought-provoking truth: the potential for prophets and messengers to make mistakes. Within this captivating exploration, the meaning of infallibility is examined, questioning whether a person sent from God can err.

Through engaging conversations between Aba Al-Sadiq and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Them is Peace), readers are presented with profound insights into these complex questions. Do these mistakes affect humanity’s guidance? Understand how this is not the case from the words of Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace). The implications of any potential mistakes made by prophets and messengers on the guidance of humanity are also explored, inviting contemplation and reflection.

Furthermore, ‘Door Number 27’ delves into the perfected beings who have attained the rank of ‘God in Creation’. These extraordinary discussions shed light on the nature and qualities of these individuals, offering glimpses into their remarkable spiritual achievements.

Prepare to be captivated by the enlightening conversations that unfold within “Door Number 27.” Let the wisdom shared by Aba Al-Sadiq and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Them is Peace) expand your understanding of fallibility, infallibility, and the perfected beings. May these insights inspire contemplation and deepen your appreciation for the complexities of spiritual journeys.

Morals and Manners

Door Number 28: Morals and Manners’ delves into the enlightening conversations between Aba Al-Sadiq and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From them is Peace), as they explore the essential qualities of a true believer. This captivating door unravels the profound wisdom and lessons learned by Aba Al-Sadiq from his holy father, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan.

Within the pages of this transformative work, readers are invited to embark on a spiritual journey focused on the values of morals and manners. The conversations shed light on the virtues and attributes that are crucial for any truth seeker striving to become a true believer. These insights offer guidance on cultivating these qualities and navigating the path of spiritual growth.

Prepare to be inspired as “Door Number 28” illuminates the path towards becoming a true believer. Embrace the wisdom shared by Aba Al-Sadiq and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From them is Peace), as they reveal the transformative lessons that lead to the embodiment of the qualities of a prophet or messenger of God. May these enlightening conversations inspire and empower you on your own spiritual journey towards becoming a true believer.

the Corruption of the Qur'an

‘Door Number 29: The Corruption of the Quran’ takes readers on a thought-provoking exploration concerning the presence of contradictions and diacritical differences within the Quran, despite the Quranic principle that God’s words should be without contradictions. So where is the true Quran today?

Within this door, Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) sheds light on the true nature of the Quran, its corrupted verses, and the controversial history of the companions after the death of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH And His Family) that has contributed to the confusion in the Muslim world today.

Delve into the intricate and grim history of the Islamic nation as this door reveals the hidden truths surrounding the Quran. Aba Al-Sadiq explains how verses have been altered over time, leading to discrepancies and variations in the text we hold today.

Moreover, “Door Number 29” exposes the present-day corruption of governments and the concealment of truth from the people. It sheds light on the manipulations and distortions that have hindered a comprehensive understanding of the Quranic message.

Through the wisdom shared by Aba Al-Sadiq, gain insights into the historical complexities that have influenced the state of the Quran and the challenges faced in discerning its authentic form.

the Events of the Rise

‘Door Number 30: Events of The Rise’ opens the door to a momentous era in which we find ourselves today. In these exhilarating times, the appearance of the Mahdi and the presence of the Qa’im, or Riser, have been realized. Authored by Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace), this door unfolds the long-awaited, prophesied series of events that are destined to occur in this day and age.

Within the pages of this captivating work, the remarkable conversations between Aba Al-Sadiq and his holy soul father, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace), shed light on the intricacies of the Rise. Discover how this extraordinary phenomenon is meant to unfold and what it signifies for humankind.

Prepare to be captivated as “Door Number 30” unveils the profound insights and prophetic knowledge surrounding the Rise. Delve into the transformative conversations that unravel the significance of these events and their implications for the world at large. It is a time of great anticipation and awakening, and the wisdom shared within this door provides a unique understanding of the monumental changes that lie ahead.

The Lost Years of Jesus

“Door Number 31: The Lost Years of Jesus” unlocks the hidden chapters of Jesus Christ’s history, one of the greatest messengers to grace this earth, which have long remained obscured within dusty gnostic scriptures. In this captivating door, Aba Al-Sadiq emerges as a pivotal figure who lived in that era in a previous incarnation, shedding light on these enigmatic parts of history and offering profound insights.

Within the pages of this transformative work, Aba Al-Sadiq takes readers on his own personal journey, unraveling his own soul memories and uncovering his past incarnations and roles during that era. Through his remarkable perspective, the lost years of Jesus are brought to life, explained, and illuminated.

Prepare to be captivated as ‘Door Number 31’ immerses you in the captivating exploration of Jesus’ hidden history. Join Aba Al-Sadiq on this extraordinary journey as he delves into soul memories and reveals the remarkable insights that shed light on the untold aspects of Jesus’ life and mission.

Let the wisdom shared within these pages inspire reflection and broaden your understanding of the profound legacy of Jesus Christ (PBUH).

The Antichrist Dajjal and Baphomet

“Door Number 32: The Antichrist Dajjal and Baphomet” delves into a disturbing yet vital reality surrounding the identity of the prophesied Dajjal in Islamic scriptures and the notorious Antichrist mentioned in biblical texts. Within this door, the reader is taken on a journey that explores this character’s presence in the present day and the dark effects this entity has on the world.

As the door unfolds, it offers a throwback into the past works of Aba Al-Sadiq, shedding light on his work in exposing the evil that exists in our world. Secrets and mysterious symbolism surrounding this formidable enemy to mankind are explored and exposed.

Prepare to delve into the depths of this intriguing exploration as “Door Number 32” unmasks the prophesied Dajjal and Antichrist. Gain insights into the character’s influence on today’s world and the far-reaching effects of their presence. Engage with the revelations shared within these pages, provoking contemplation and fostering a deeper understanding of the battle between good and evil.

In this door, the shadows are lifted, and the enigmatic nature of the enemy to mankind is unraveled. Join us on this gripping journey as we uncover the secrets and expose the symbolism surrounding this dark force.

The Divine Just State

In this thought-provoking door titled “The Divine Just State,” The Riser Aba Al-Sadiq delves into the fascinating concept of the Kingdom of God or a Divine Just State. Aba Al-Sadiq sheds light on the belief that some of the philosophers of ancient times were divinely appointed messengers, entrusted by God to impart knowledge about the workings of His ideal society.

This door elucidates the fundamental principles governing a Divine Just State, highlighting the key aspects of divine balance and justice. From the equitable distribution of wealth and resources to the language spoken and the freedom of religion, Aba Al-Sadiq intricately explains how these elements seamlessly interconnect to establish a society embodying God’s ultimate vision of justice.

If you are curious about the intricate workings of an ideal society shaped by divine justice, this captivating door offers a compelling exploration of these profound concepts.

The Riser

In this captivating door titled “The Riser” we delve into the profound significance of the Riser, a central figure prophesied in Islamic traditions and referred to by diverse names and titles in other scriptures. The Riser, also known as the Qa’im, assumes a pivotal role in the unfolding of the End Times and the establishment of a Divine Just State.

This door invites you to explore the intricate aspects of the Riser’s identity, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of this enigmatic figure. Discover the prophecies surrounding the Riser and unravel the profound insights into his divine purpose and unique role in shaping the course of history.

Furthermore, this door provides valuable insights into our responsibilities and duties towards the Riser, elucidating the significance of recognizing and supporting this prophesied figure, Abdullah Hashem Aba Al-Sadiq (From him is Peace).

The Yamani

Within the captivating confines of Door Number 35, discover profound conversations between Aba Al-Sadiq and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Them is Peace). These enlightening exchanges delve into the mystical secrets that enshroud the identity of the Yamani from the esteemed Family of Mohammed, namely Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace).

Immerse yourself in the fascinating discourse as the luminaries shed light on various aspects surrounding the enigmatic figure of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace).
The door also reveals the prophesied opposition faced by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace) in the form of the Sufyani, presenting an intriguing narrative of conflict and spiritual struggle. Furthermore, gain insight into the remarkable journey that has led Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace) along an extraordinary path, filled with historical significance and divine purpose.

Prepare to be captivated by the profound revelations woven within the pages of this door, as it unveils the secrets and illuminates the extraordinary existence of the Yamani of the Family of Mohammed, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace).

Imam Mahdi (PBUH & His Family)

In Door Number 36, an additional layer of profound understanding awaits as it explores the significance of the reality and identity of Imam Al-Mahdi (From Him is Peace) and the Tetragrammaton. This door delves into the enigmatic meaning and implications of this ancient mystical concept, shedding light on its deep spiritual and metaphysical dimensions.

Step through Door Number 36, where profound insights into the enigmatic figure of Imam Mahdi await. Within these pages, you will uncover the secrets surrounding his identity, his profound relationship with the Riser Aba Al-Sadiq, and gain glimpses into his captivating personality and vast knowledge.

Discover the fascinating dynamics between Imam Mahdi and the Riser Aba Al-Sadiq, as their intertwined roles in the cosmic narrative come to light. Dive deep into their shared wisdom, spiritual connection, and the profound impact of their collaboration on the course of history.

Moreover, this door provides a glimpse into Imam Mahdi’s extraordinary personality, illuminating his unique attributes and the depths of his knowledge. Gain a deeper appreciation for his wisdom, virtue, and the divine qualities that set him apart.

Catch a fleeting glimpse into the reality of Imam Mahdi, a figure whose significance resonates through the ages and holds a profound place in the hearts and minds of believers.

the Story of the Forty Men

The year 2015 showed the unveiling of extraordinary signs and events that transpired, ultimately leading to the emergence of Imam Al-Mahdi. Within these pages, immerse yourself in the historical moments that shaped this pivotal era and gain profound insights into a significant incident involving 40 of the greatest believers to have graced this planet.

Trace the footsteps of history as this door guides you through the profound events and signs that heralded the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi. Witness the convergence of prophecies and world events that unfolded in 2015, leaving an indelible mark on the path towards the appearance of this esteemed figure.

Moreover, this door illuminates the sacred relationship between companions and the vicegerents of God, highlighting their unique role and the nature of their journeys. Delve into the deep well of belief in the unseen, as this door explores the spiritual realm and the hidden dimensions that underpin the journey of a believer.

Crucially, this door answers a significant question, unveiling the pathway for believers to reach Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan. Discover the keys to spiritual connection and guidance through Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace).


In Door Number 38: Tests, we delve into the profound concept of being tested by God. Within these pages, discover the meaning and purpose behind these tests, the various forms they can take, and why they are an integral part of our spiritual journey. Additionally, delve into the enlightening insights of Aba Al-Sadiq’s own tests and the valuable lessons we can glean from his extraordinary journey.

This door unveils the deeper understanding of being tested by God, emphasizing that these tests serve as opportunities for growth, self-reflection, and spiritual elevation. Explore the intricate dynamics between the Divine and humanity, as these tests become vehicles for us to strengthen our faith, cultivate resilience, and deepen our connection with God.

Discover the diverse nature of tests, ranging from personal challenges to societal trials, from adversity to prosperity, and from physical to spiritual struggles. Each test holds a unique purpose and carries profound lessons that shape our character and spiritual development.

Within Door Number 38, unlock the wisdom and understanding required to navigate tests, elevate spiritually, and forge a deeper connection with God.


In Door Number 39, Egypt, the profound connection between the region and the Riser of the Family of Mohammed, Aba Al-Sadiq (From him is Peace), comes to light. Within these pages, you will find the mysteries and secrets that shroud this ancient land, and explore the unique identity of Aba Al-Sadiq as the Companion of Egypt.

Ancient Egypt, with its awe-inspiring wonders, has left an indelible mark on the fate of humanity. Even to this day, countless secrets from this ancient civilization remain undiscovered. In this door, Aba Al-Sadiq offers readers a glimpse into the intricate interplay between ancient religions and the mystical realm of Egypt.


Also, in this door, the reader finds a perspective from Hadil El-Khouly, an Egyptian member of the faith, lending her voice to the narrative. In this door, alongside Aba Al-Sadiq’s insights, readers are offered a profound understanding of the great significance of the Companion of Egypt for the people of Egypt today and his transformative effect on their collective fate.

The testament of Aba Al-Sadiq

Door Number 40 is a testament that rends the heart and fills the soul with inspiration. Within these pages, readers are granted a precious opportunity to discover the Testament of Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) himself, offering a profound and personal insight into his transformative spiritual journey and his remarkable path to becoming known today as the Riser of the Family of Mohammed.

Through his own heartfelt and introspective words, Aba Al-Sadiq unveils the intricate details of his spiritual journey, leading him to the truth that shapes his present reality. He eloquently shares the steps and revelations that guided him on this extraordinary path, inviting readers to witness the divine guidance and wisdom that has guided his every move.

Moreover, within this door, readers are treated to the conversations between Aba Al-Sadiq and his soul father, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Them is Peace). These dialogues brim with depth, faith, and a profound connection, offering a touching portrayal of their spiritual bond and the spiritual insights they share with one another.

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